Play at Café Samt


Tisdag - Fredag 11-18

Lördag & aftnar 11-16

Lunchbuffé 11-13:30



Lördagar 12:00-16:00

 Söndagar och och Måndagar, samt vissa helgdagar håller vi stängt

Rådhusgatan 4

745 31 Enköping

Tel. 0171-275 00

Trivsamt, Hälsosamt, Omtänksamt

Ett ställe att njuta av, lugn & ro, mitt i stan.

Att få inspirera till en energi och glädjerik vardag.

Det är en dröm jag lever genom denna restaurang.


Lia Starälv

Do you want to have a concert with us?

Our scene is open to all artists who are looking for the small format.

For security reasons, we can accommodate up to 50 people in the part of the house where we have live music. Subtract the staff (2) and the band members, then you know how many guests we can take on your gigs.


We can assist with PA, mixer, 2 mic stands and a pair of trubadur chairs.

You bring instruments and other personal equipment.

(unless otherwise agreed).

When can we play?

We try to have live music mainly on Wednesdays, during the dark part of the year. We call it ”Cozy Wednesday". Even other days may occur, but it requires more marketing, and that the band or artist already have their followers. Under the #Kalendarium” tab, you can see already booked artists, and the date of their concerts. We also announce the dates where we would like artists to play.


Café Samt has no possibility to pay any compensation for the gig, except for free dinner and coffee. Most of the artists/bands play "on the hat" or as we write in our promotion, voluntary fee. But there is also artists that want to sell tickets. In this case, you decide the ticket price and the revenues are paid to you. We can help you with the bookings, and you can sell tickets at the entrance. We can also sell tickets in advance. However, in order to be able to pay the compensation, we need for our accounting, an invoice or receipt that includes 6% artist VAT. If you do not report VAT, we will do it, and deduct 6% on ticket revenue.

Are you still interested?

Then e-mail a request to

Write when you want to come and what type of arrangement you want.

Describe what type type of music you play, and if possible attach audio files, video clips, Spotify links or similar.

After we have checked that the date is ok, that the music fits us and our audience, we will contact you and confirm the booking. We may ask for additional information for our marketing.


It is important that we ourselves like your music since we inform our customers and attract audiences through social media and similar. It helps if you also use your channels to promote the event. We co-operate with a school, and they can help us print some A3 posters, provided that their logo may be included. In addition, we advertise in two news papers ”event tips”.

In spite of that, we can not guarantee any audience. You will play to a listening audience, and the room gives an intimate feeling and warmth and welcoming atmosphere.

Best regards Lia & Tommy

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